Adam Linn interview with Rick DeJesus
AL: What milestone do you feel you have reached as a band?

RD: We had a 2009 breakthrough single “Invincible,” and it reached # 6 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Songs chart. I think that was awesome.

AL: How are you different from other bands out there?

RD: We write songs about real life experiences, so that way people can relate to our music without us feeling pretentious and our songs have a natural progression to them.

AL: Sounds like you really enjoy what you do.

RD: The first single off our second album Home School Valedictorian “Sick” hit #1 at active rock, and #36 at Modern Rock radio. Our second single will be “Collapse” off of Home School Valedictorian. I feel that we are great at being a live rock band since you can feel the passion of lyrics and relate.

AL: Have you considered doing other gigs, like WWE or getting a song on a video game?

RD: Well, actually we have. “Invincible” was featured on the video game WWE SmackDown vs. Raw, it’s currently the official theme song for the WWE show: WWE Superstars, and it was on numerous television spots for CSI Miami. “Scream” is on the soundtrack for Saw 3D movie. We were also the theme song for the Indiana Colts.

AL: Wow, you’ve been busy.

RD: Yeah, it’s f**king awesome.