My Oh My. . . Rich, the co-owner of  Peace, Love and Pizza told me about the pizza they had named “Born on the Fourth of July”. He told me it was pretty popular and that he enjoyed it from time to time. He did not tell me that it was so incredibly amazing I would have to get another one just to make sure I was correct in thinking so.

Holy Smokes!! It is like a bacon cheeseburger and a pizza collided into one! Picture perfect medium thick crust, tasty sauce, loads of cheese, 100% ground beef hamburger, crispy bacon, fresh red tomatoes, sweet red onions and crisp dill pickle slices!

This pizza was a hit with our 8-year-old too so this is a definite A+ in my book.  Great for adults, great for kids. . . Easy to pick up, awesome customer service… a total win for a great dinner!


Thanks Peace, Love and Pizza! Up next…. it’s a surprise!! But I think it is spicy!!!