Playing through October 2nd, Old Man and the Monkeys & other Chinese Tales is a definite must see with your family.

Featuring five vignettes of stories, this is a real crowd pleaser among the children.

Stories include:  The Crane and the Tortoise, A Donkey’s Best Friend , The Dancer, Old Man and the Monkeys, and The Super Duper Ping Pong Match.

The Crane and the Tortoise is a funny and delightful story that will certainly gain a few chuckles from your children.  Beautifully done, I even heard a child behind me ask “Is that bird real”?

All the stories are kept  short so the audience was entertained.  I thought it was brilliant to keep them on the shorter side as children tend to get bored and antsy.

That did not happen during this performance as I heard children laughing throughout.

Our favorite was a tie between the Old Man and the Monkeys and The Super Duper Ping Pong Match.  Both were very funny and the effects were great!

The end brought us an introduction to the puppeteers, three talented family members from Portland, Oregon. Master Puppeteers Yuqin Wang and Zhengli Xu, with their daughter/apprentice, Brenda Xu. Brenda adds two skilled hands to the performances wherever they are needed.

We definitely recommend this show and can not wait to see Dragon Arts Studio back in Atlanta!


Sept 21 – Oct 2, 2011

Mainstage Theater

•Wed-Fri: 10am & 11:30am
•Sat: 12pm & 2pm
•Sun: 1pm & 3pm

Photo courtesy of Dragon Art Studio