If you could have a mythical pet would it be a griffin, phoenix or a fairy?

I love a place where people are able to fly their freak flag confidently and be super cool while doing it.  Women who weren’t the pretty girls in high school can squeeze into their fairy slut wear and middle-aged hetero men who like to play RPG’s (role playing games) can don unitards.  We found a Where’s Waldo in drag.  Many Maleficents from Sleeping Beauty paid a visit, one of which knocked my socks off. 

A Latex version of the jester girl villain from Batman was smoking a cigarette outside the Hyatt. One of my personal favorites was a pair of Storm Troopers on vacation.  What do all these characters have in common?   It was Dragon*Con, and these were the geeks that rule the world.

Now, I am a secret geek and I love to lose myself in fiction.  I am still mourning the end of the Harry Potter, and am desperately trying to revive my passion with my children, Lady “H” and the Viking Princess.  I was overwhelmed with all that Dragon*Con had to offer.

I started off in J.R.R. Tolkien land in the lecture, Heroes of Middle Earth: A Fan-base Discussion.   I found out that the author of The Lord of the Rings saga also contributed to the Oxford/English dictionary and worked in the W’s.  The word “Hero” does not fall into his section, but it was the topic of this lecture.  We went through the characteristics of a hero, and brought to light how many heroes there actually were in this trilogy.  We discussed how the great policies of this work are made from the seemingly unknown and weak.  A hero finds a path to the drama, and this story, it is taken into many directions.  The heroes run the gamut.  Tolkien gave us the classic warrior, Aragorn, who is engaged in a journey to restore balance and become King all the way to the humble Hobbit, Sam Gamgee whose loyalty to Frodo was, in my opinion, the most heroic trait in the series.

Dragon*Con has been around for 25 years, and at the opening ceremony we got a sense of what was going on at its genesis.  For example, Ronald Reagan was president.  Mike Tyson was the world boxing champ.  Stamps were 24 cents. The Simpsons premiered that year, and the most eye-opening fact was that gas was only 89 cents.

Believe it or not I was also able to indulge my writer’s geek itch.  There were many workshops to choose from in this track.  I attended one that was called, Wait, I have a deadline.  It was all about managing time.  This, folks, is my biggest issue with getting you my articles.  I won’t divulge all the secrets, but I will say I was enthused by mystery novelist Cheshire Burke.  This woman is going to school, has a job, four kids and manages to write full length books, on top of it all.  She is a real inspiration to all us mommies out there that want to do more, and make a bigger stamp on the world.  I am very new to Facebook, and there was lengthy discussion on writers using it as a tool.  It resonated with me when Burke said, “I Use the S*** out of social media”.

OK…I’m going to let you in on a little geeky secret of mine.  In the past year, I’ve become a smidge obsessed with podcast novels and one writer in particular, Scott Sigler.  Last year, after I started putting Lady “H” on the bus for Kindergarten, I realized I had ONE HOUR for myself to take a walk.   I started listening to a novel I had saved to my iPod, years before.  The novel was “Nocturnal”.  Hooked, I went on to listen to the first two parts of the trilogy “Infected”, “Contagious” and am anxiously awaiting the conclusion, “Pandemic”.

Just out of “curiosity”, I was off to a lecture on writing about sex, and I gasped when I saw his name next door.  Sigler won out over sex!  Can you believe it?   We got a sneak peak of six chapters from his newest Young Adult story, “Flyer”.  He showed us the newest book cover for “Nocturnal”, coming out April 3rd.   He also divulged that there’s going to be a sequel.  I’ll definitely be getting a flight through bookit.com to Vegas, ASAP, for Siglerfest 2012.  This was just the tip of the iceberg.  I have to say, I get a little star struck (strange for someone who has a been a performer her whole life) and wasn’t able to approach him when I saw him the next day.  So next year, Sigler, expect a bear hug from The Dancer with an Attitude.

This concluded the first day, for me and my trusty photographer “E”.  Weaved in and out of all the events was just walking from hotel to hotel in downtown Atlanta enjoying the fantastical atmosphere.  It was better than Halloween.