Adam Linn interview with Justin McCain

AL: You have been touring all over the U.S., do you have any plans to do a European tour?

JM: Not yet, but we do hope to do a European tour sometime soon.

AL: Given the drive and passion you have for music, do you feel you are a role model for small or unknown bands?

JM: I think so, I mean you just need to love to play music.

AL: Is there any band you are tired of being compared to? How do you feel you are different from them?

JM: Not really, we have our own style of music and our own sound. I think the only thing setting us apart from other bands is our passion for music and the fact that we’re not one of those bands that is separated from its fan base. We will play a set and then later be in the crowd with everyone taking pictures.

AL: Yeah, I saw Emphatic’s Facebook® page with all the fan-submitted pictures of you guys with them. You had the black tears under your eyes.

JM: That stuff was super difficult to get off.

AL: What milestone do you feel you have reached as a band?

JM: Well, we got our CD out and we’re on tour with a bunch of great bands.

AL: Aside from music, what are you emphatic about?

JM: (without hesitation) Music. Without a doubt, I love being in this band.