As if we needed another reason to love The Foo Fighters, he we go!

The Foo Fighters serenaded picketers from Westboro Baptist Church before the band’s concert at the Sprint Center Friday night, and NBC Action News was there to catch it.

The band wore costumes, and mocked the protesters who are known for their anti-homosexual views. Some lyrics in the song alluded to “man-loving.”

The small church based out of Topeka, Kan. is also known for picketing at US soldiers funerals as well as the funerals of others that have had high-profile deaths, like the death of the wife of former presidential candidate John Edwards.

Many states, including Missouri, have passed or attempted to pass laws that would restrict the type of protests that the church is known for, but the Supreme Court has repeatedly sided with the church.

The church says that they protest various events because of the United States’ acceptance of homosexuality, and claim that God will punish America.

Foo Fighters lead singer Dave Grohl ended the song with a message of American pride.

“Ladies and gentlemen,God bless America! Land of the free, home of the brave,” said Grohl.

The Foo Fighters were not alone in their protest. Others could be seen holding signs in counter-protest to the church’s views.

“Whether you’re black or white, or gay or straight, or the Foo Fighters, God loves everybody,” said Abby Livella.


Note – Some of the audio was inaudible, and it is unclear if expletives were used in the song. NBC Action News decided to mute those portions of the song. Thank you to NBC Action News for the story out of  Missouri.

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