Hearing the name Hank 3 before I had ever heard his music kind of made me wonder. After three generations of William’s what would be different? With Hank 3 everything is different. From his attitude to his music and live shows, Hank is over the top and doesn’t care what any one has to say about it.  Building upon the country backbone in his family line, Hank 3 has pushed the limits and expounded upon what was in his blood to do, make great music that throngs of people will fall in love with. Hank 3 plays a mix of metal, country, punk, and rockabilly just to name a few. Hank played three sets at the Masquerade, each of them a different genre from his repertoire to a completely sold out crowd. As far as live shows go, Hank definitely has his own way and makes no excuses for it. His first set was engaging and kind of felt like a family sing along in the backwoods of Tennessee minus the shine. Most memorably was Hank’s doom metal set where all of the lights were cut out leaving a green lamp angled at his guitar, and a huge screen which displayed a very well put together and artistic video of dark subject matter. Not having ever seen a live show of Hank 3 before I have to say I would definitely see him again.