October 20th,  IAMDYNAMITE will be playing The Buckhead Theater with Blue October.

Red hot indie-rock duo IAMDYNAMITE has announced plans to release their impressive debut album, SUPERMEGAFANTASTIC, on September 13 via Brando Records.  The high energy duo featuring Chris Martin and Chris Phillips had been cutting their teeth in the Detroit indie rock scene for a short time before making the move to Raleigh, NC with their own unique sound that some have described as “2 guys that sound like 5.” On SUPERMEGAFANTASTIC, armed with only a simple electric guitar and drum kit, C-Mart and C² whip their way through thirty-three minutes of raucous indie rock that’s chock full of clever harmonies, 70’s psychedelic guitar riffs, bombastic drums and undeniable dance hooks for one of the most infectious groove laden debuts in years.Produced by Matt Noveskey (bassist for Blue October) and mixed by Jay Ruston (Cold War Kids, Polyphonic Spree, Leonard Cohen) SUPERMEGAFANTASTIC is a relentless sing-a-long album that features ten unforgettable tracks like the contagious anthems “Stereo,”  “Carolina,”  “Hey Girl” and “Ms. Jones.”After years on the road in the indie rock trenches, IAMDYNAMITE have built a strong following of fans throughout US and Europe. The band will be hitting the road with Houston’s platinum selling rock band Blue October in September/October.

The Backstage Beat’s Bradley Stier caught up with Chris Phillips and ask him a few questions:

Bradley:  Being a two man operation, what are your biggest challenges when it comes to creating such a raucous, expansive sound?

     Chris: Covering the frequency spectrum with glory! All we do is play as intense as we can…then the sound comes out. It’s not really a challenge as it is a clean  fist  pumping mega push of rock!

Bradley:  Your music seems very inspired by dance music, though there are very few actual electronic elements. Do you have any plans for remixes or new tracks that would further expand this sound?

Chris: Yes, we have been in cahoots with a few different guys for a few different remixes, sorry I am being vague but I cannot guarantee they will be awesome. If they are not awesome, they will not be heard. 

Bradley: Obviously, “Annie” stands out of the pack as the only slower song on the album. Who is Annie?

Chris: Easy…Who do you need Annie to be?  Annie is just a name. 

Bradley: I love the video for “Turn off the Lights…”, any plans for another video soon?

Chris: Yep, the old stereo video by Marty “laser”   is  retired for the moment. There will be new videos for songs on the album. Maybe all of them. 

Bradley:  Obviously, you guys like to party, your album is tailor made to be played full length at one! What are some of your favorite cities to perform in? What crowds have you found embrace the spirit of the album fully?

   Chris: Playing all around the US has been awesome. Every city so far has embraced us. Vegas was really the show where we got into our groove. But everyone has  been great! 

Bradley: . What can we expect from your show October 20th at Buckhead Theater?

Chris:  Dancing, screaming, yelling, bouncing, sweating, smiling, singing, laughing, and generally a great time.