This last Saturday, Atlantans were treated to the 7th annual L5P Fest. It was a beautiful fall day that lent itself well to walking through the historic indie district, listening to some of the cities favorite musicians. Whether you chose to stroll the area with a cold beer or a King of Pops treat you were no doubt refreshed and privy to the enjoyment of live music from four different venues. The diverse line up included Baby Baby, Anna Kramer, Hip To Death, Lucy Dream,Cousin Dan, Order of the Owl, Tornado Town, Young Orchids and West End Motel as well as many others. All of this fun was a bargain for $10 ticket.

I was lucky enough to catch Young Orchids, a shoes gaze 70s proto-punk band and Tornado Town, a good old fashion garage rock band. There was mega buzz about Lucy Dream and after The Order of the Owl set, I heard a fan, “man, that was face melting metal, I needed that!” L5P Fest was a one stop shop of sorts for bands. I was able to become a fan of at least two bands I had never seen before.