Len Rosen & Pete Orenstein have been performing around the Atlanta area as “The Len & Pete Show” for a couple of years now. They have taken the acoustic duo model and shaken it up a bit, featuring Len on acoustic guitar and Pete on the keys, with both of them weaving some tight vocal harmonies together.

In the past, Len fronted the band Radio Theory, which toured extensively for about 6 years all over the Southeast. He has hosted many open-mic events around Atlanta, and even was the host of the famous “Monday Night Musician’s Jam” at the Brandyhouse for years before the club was forced to close it’s doors. Len has had extensive experience doing both solo and duo acoustic gigs, and brings a unique spin to whatever he is playing.

Pete Orenstein made his mark on the scene here with his band Bonobos Convergence, but has also become a very well known “gun for hire” and performs with many of Atlanta’s better known musicians. Pete plays with Len in the “Tribe of Good Fortune”, but currently his main project is the flamenco inspired Insonnia, where he blends his amazing technical skill with some serious soulfulness.

Together as “The Len & Pete Show”, the duo tends to be more of a cover project, but they like to put their own take on the songs, and never play a song the same way twice. With this new Tuesday Night show at Cinco, they will also be opening up their stage to various friends and newcomers who will be able to sit in with them or just do their own thing. Think of it as a “not-so-open-mic”, in the sense that this is not a place for the rank amateurs to play, but rather a new showcase for musicians who can already command a room and give a professional presentation.At the beginning of the show, The Len & Pete Show will perform and then they will open up the microphone to those cats in attendance.

So if you want to catch some great music, played well by great musicians please grab some friends and come on out to join the party. There are already some fantastic musicians signed up to play during the first night, which will be Tuesday, September 27, but there is still plenty of room for more.

Tuesday nights
7pm – 10pm or so
Cinco @ Aker’s Mill (in Smyrna)

If you are interested in performing, please contact Len Rosen at bh[email protected]