Watching stand up and improv can be kind of like trying to dodge bullets or a few loose cannons. In this case the audience got a good mix of all sorts of comedians. There were the hilarious comedians, a few sad bastard self-deprecating ones, the cussing shock jokers, the sound effect guy, the schtick act, and the audience insulter – so there was a comic to provide different types of laughs in the mixed audience. Oh, and there was a tall, large clown running around honking a horn throughout the night…very eerie!

The Loose Cannons of Comedy held their most recent show on Thursday, September 15, after the theatre’s open mic night. The weekly Unmiked Open Mic night performance started at 8:30pm and was hosted by Laura Lewis of Down the Ramp Comedy. Four comedians along with the host told jokes during this portion of the night. Memorable ones included a lady who wanted to open her own strip club and a skull-and-crossbone wearing punk rocker who sang songs about emo kids. The punk rocker even pointed out a guy with the “most terrifying laugh” in the audience. The terrifying laugh guy was making the audience snicker as he was completely cracking himself up throughout the show. (During a few of the open mic performances, this guy was killing me even if the comics weren’t!)

And finally, we started the Loose Cannons of Comedy portion of the night. Dawayne Jackson emceed the entire evening, got the audience riled up, and harassed the clown and deejay; mostly though he provided the big, booming entrances for all the comedians. He even got the audience singing the theme song to Good Times throughout the night. The comedians then came out like rapid fire bullets each with their own style and flair. I would like to note that I got my Asian standup comedy cherry popped thanks to Azn Steve! (First time I’ve ever seen a live Asian standup comedian and he was funny.) Following Azn Steve, Lue Lue Sutton was a riot letting loose about the perils of dating, pop culture, and the Kardashians. Next up, Redneck Ricky was an odd twist in the show as he was a black man wearing white face paint, blond wig, and redneck clothes, but he’s got a point – rednecks are weird and funny, but mostly weird.

There was a brief pause to thank sponsors, including Pure Romance, Naked Gun Tattoo, ABB, and One Star Ranch. Some of the evening’s proceeds benefitted the Susan G. Komen for the Cure (breast cancer awareness, research, support, and donations to find a cure). At some point before the pause, Frank the Clown was chased and tasered, scaring the crowd. It was of course a joke, but it scared the crowd into complete alertness for the raffle. And what a raffle it was! I’ve never seen so many embarrassed (yet secretly happy) women win Pure Romance goodies and sex toys, along with some less amused men. The reactions of the prize winners were hilarious!

Following up the raffle, Cassius Creflo took the stage. He had a kind of Chris Rock styling about him as he blasted off about his outfit, QT hot dogs, porn, and cougars. One of my favorite comics was the next one, Feenaum. He was an uproar with comic stylings thrown back to Police Academy’s favorite sound effect guy, Michael Winslow, mixed with some early Eddie Murphy. There’s just something hilariously awesome about a man who can make his own sound effects and dance at the same time. Then Bo Micadelic took his turn spouting off about Jesus, Hell, and midget strippers in large lady shoes.

Finally, we got a different type of act with “A Jew and A Black Guy” featuring HTROSEN and Jordan Stylez. Their schtick comedy act poked fun of the stereotypes surrounding a Jewish guy with a black guy friend and vice versa. They played off each other well and got the audience in on their jokes too. My only minor gripe with their act was that they had it down so well they delivered the punches at lightning speeds and it was kind of hard to hear them when they were turned in towards each other. I was also unfortunately really tired by the time their act came on, so I was a little slow on the uptake too. They did make me giggle though and a few of my Jewish friends were jealous that I got to see their schtick comic skit.

And lastly, they had headliner Jermondo Jones, whose jokes were a little crassier and cruder than his fellow comics. He walked out on stage double fisting two beers with his gut hanging out like a pregnant woman. Aside from that weirdness, I wasn’t a fan of his style overall, and definitely not when he went into bully mode – no woman should ever be called an “ugly bitch” followed with retarded hand gestures whether you mean it or you are joking. He’s lucky he didn’t get a plastic chair hurled at his head because those are fighting words for any woman (be it an ugly one or a beautiful one). He should’ve bowed out gracefully, grasping at insulting straws to cling to stage time came off as pathetic (his set was way too long, running over 30 minutes).

Overall, the night was fairly entertaining, but way longer than expected. In total, I was at The Relapse Theatre for three hours. There were a lot of comics so you did get a huge bang for your buck, but it really needed to have an intermission somewhere in the middle so that people could use the restroom, get up and stretch their legs, and most importantly get a beverage (or liquored up) and continue to enjoy the entire evening. The crazy drunk ladies in front of me kept getting up every few minutes to run to the bar, which made them both obnoxious and annoying, yet mildly entertaining as they provided the biggest cheers and jeers section for the comics.

This show kicks off The Loose Cannons of Comedy mini-tour throughout Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, and possibly up the East coast. As their first stop on this tour, I expect that future stops will help them all hone their craft and bring even more funny back to Atlanta the next time around!