What is it about Pizza that we all love?  Why is it a comfort food?

Various forms of pizza date back in history hundreds of years but the first reference in the United States was in 1903.  Pizza has always been a favorite with kids and adults alike.

In Metro Atlanta, we have so many choices when it comes to Pizza. The Backstage Beat is on a quest to showcase the best.

Peace, Love and Pizza!  Located off Wade Green  Road in Kennesaw, Ga this has been a favorite of The Backstage Beat since early this year.

They recently came out with 6 new pizzas! Yes, 6 to their already amazing menu filled with clever names that will make you smile.

The DeSantis brothers, Dave and Rich own this award-winning pizza joint!  What makes this pizza place out of the ordinary, besides the pizza itself, is the attitude of the staff and the customer service.  Dave and Rich actually love their jobs!  I know, shocking but it is true.  You can feel it when you walk in and you can taste it in every bite of their pizza  and sandwich masterpieces!

We tried two pizzas this week and loved them both.

First up:

Cheezapolooza = pure happiness

This pizza was everything you could want in a pizza pie. Perfect crust, not too thick, not too thin and a deliciously slightly sweet taste.  Then, the real deal… The cheese toppings!!!!  Mozzarella, Cheddar, Romano, Parmesan, Feta and Ricotta!!!!!

This pizza had us all saying “Oh My God!” with every bite! This was truly a religious experience!

Next up:

Moonbeam Meatball Dream = meaty, cheesy goodness in every slice

This pizza is a meal all by itself! One slice is all you need but I guarantee you will want more than just one!  Extra think crust, delicious sauce, mozzarella, double meatball slices, onion, Parmesan and provolone!!!! Yum is an understatement!!!


If you are in the mood for some really amazing pizza, call Peace Love and Pizza (770.792.8989)! They do deliver within a certain range but with it located right off 75, you can swing in and grab your pay very easily!

Up next for The Backstage Beat is their new “Born on the Fourth of July” pie! Stay tuned….


One extra nice thing about the location of Peace, Love, and Pizza is it’s right next door to my LA Fitness! I can work off  the best pizza in Cobb County!