To say the least, Periphery is a band who is anything but ordinary. I remember about 4 years ago, the lead guitarist in my band telling me I needed to go check out this guy on YouTube named Bulb. I really didn’t give it much thought at first because I figured it was just another guitarist that was sitting there replicating songs that I had listened to a million times before, and man was I wrong.

The first time I saw a video of Misha I just could not get away from my computer, and sat there all day looking up more and more videos of him playing just in awe of his creativity and how much he pushed the limits on composition and sound. Some time later I found out that he had formed a band named Periphery and to say the least, my mouth was watering with delight. Since the release of their self titled cd Periphery has set the standard for metal in my opinion. Every member of the band in their own right are phenomenal musicians, but together they create sonic landscapes that anyone in their right mind would go crazy about. These guys are all about layering and style. As far as Periphery’s live show, it was phenomenal! The band brings to the stage all of the energy of the CD and is able to replicate even the most technical aspects of their work very precisely. As far as entertainment purposes go, Periphery set up their own light show and were engaged with the crowd as well as each other which made the show even more amazing.