Adorned with robot decorations, Purgatory at the Masquerade was invaded by Mon Cherie’s Rockabilly Lounge – Flying Saucers Rock N’ Roll & Burlesque Show on Saturday night, September 10. The out-of-this-world rockabilly band of the evening, the Psycho DeVilles, opened the night rockin’ loud with Hot Rod Walt’s vocals backed by his fancy Grestch guitar with Taylor Ogletree standing in (for Paul “Stubbs” Diffin) on the flame-painted upright bass and Steve “Burnout” Barnett pounding out the rhythm on his drums. Throughout the night the band played original rockabilly songs and covered songs by Johnny Cash, Elvis, and even the Ramones’ punk rock classic, “Blitzkrieg Bop,” to the delight of the audience – decked out rockabilly guys and out-of-this-world ladies.

Between sets, Garage 71 deejay Reverend Andy spun psychobilly freakout tunes as the burlesque space queens did their titillating tease performances. Scarlett Page, The Chameleon Queen, Stormy Knight, and Fonda Lingue danced the crowd into a flying saucer frenzy, each with their own take on hypnotic alien-esque shimmying. Not performing (that night) burlesque dancers, Lola Lesoleil and Ruby Le Chatte dressed the flying saucer alien part and cheered on their colleague dancers.

The large crowd drew out lots of musicians, some of whom were abducted to play a song as guest musicians for the Psycho DeVilles. Maybe it’s their alien powers of persuasion and mind control, but the band had everyone singing and dancing the night away. They even plugged a piece of merch, a backscratcher, which the crowd howled, teased, and laughed with Hot Rod Walt about an inside “butt-scratcher” joke. Rounding out the end of the set, the Psycho DeVilles performed crowd favorites including, “Burn Baby Burn,” “Bar Fight,” and of course “Hot Rod Man” (because you know Walt is a Hot Rod aficionado Man!).

Mon Cherie made good on her promise to welcome all aliens and robots in the crowd with outer space jello shots. Wooten Creative and Michelle Carpenter Photography were on hand to capture all the rockin’ space cadets on the scene. Wooten Creative even had a station set for all rockabilly aliens to vogue with their old and new friends. First time Rockabilly Lounge vendor, Pinup Headgear, was a hit with the ladies, as was the always glam bauble dealer, Jezebel Blue, and the cutesy, creepy Loysville accessories. Several other vendors and sponsors were on hand offering a wide variety of fun rockabilly products. Lucky raffle winners got to enjoy sponsor items for the price of a raffle ticket. The Masquerade was totally invaded, taken over, and rockabilly-ed out on Saturday night!