Adam Linn interview with Dean Back


AL: Being from Canada, do you feel a difference between American and Canadian audiences?

DB: Not really, we started out playing in Canada and then soon we started playing in the states and the audiences were great in both places.

AL: Do you, or have you, sung in French?

DB: The people in Quebec mainly speak French and we are from the other side in Vancouver where we don’t speak French. We did get some ideas from our record label about doing an album in French but it didn’t really fly.


AL: Do you like or dislike being compared to Nickelback?

DB: We don’t dislike it. Initially we might have been compared to them, since we’re both from Vancouver, but we took a different road when it came to our music and style. So we can’t be compared anymore.

AL: Do you feel you are more widely known since you performed for WWE?

DB: Definitely, because it was a different fan base we were one of those bands that people would hear our song and be like “hey, you’re that band from the WWE” and from video games as well.

AL: Last question is…what is the truth?

DB: I think that it is open to interpretation. A chick might think one thing and a guy another. I mean it’s our fourth record and we are not afraid to explore things. Some songs are serious and others are different. I think the truth is us.