One year ago I set out to meet our newest photographer Tom Dausner at the Dragon*Con media party.  We had such a great time goofing off, having an impromptu photo shoot and enjoying meeting some of the celebs.

As we left the party, I looked at Tom, thanked him and welcomed him to The Backstage Beat team.  I never knew  at that time Tom would turn out to be the most loyal and great part of TBB.

He is an amazing photographer.  When I need a guaranteed good shot, I always try to send Tom first.

He is great to work with, professional and funny as well as very kind.

Tom is humble and never brags about his work.  Which makes me smile as I have dealt with some photographers that want to work with TBB who do nothing but brag about their photos.  If they are that good, there is no need to brag.  Tom knows that and his pictures speak for themselves.

He has also sent us several photographers that he has met on  shoots all around town.

Tom is blessed with a great family and I was honored to be invited to their Christmas party last year. Truly great people.

Tom Dausner…. THANK YOU for being a part of The Backstage Beat! We love having you! Hire Tom to shoot your next event here!

Some of Tom’s photos can be seen below:

Tab Benoit with members of The Producers

Juliette Lewis

Thimblerig Circus

The Dandy Warhols

Joe Satriani

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals