Sometimes, I get lucky.  (Stop snickering.)  As an outspoken music freak, people love to recommend tracks or suggest bands to me.  Most of the time, because I am kind of a loser and spend hours a day trolling the internet in search of something new and exciting to listen to, I have heard the proffered suggestion.  So, it is always nice when I am handed something truly new and, even better, something I really like.

Last week, a friend posted a link on my Facebook wall for an EP by a band I had never heard of.  I eagerly clicked and downloaded (for FREE!) the 3 song EP Port of St. Oaks by Financier.

Hailing from Nashville, TN, Financier is the brainchild of Seth West and Tom Senter.  Harnessing their varied influences from Brian Eno and abstract hip hop deity, Madlib to guitar god, Robert Fripp, Financier is easily one of the more promising new voices emerging on the music scene.  Recorded by Jeremy Fergusun at Battle Tapes, Port of St. Oaks is a strong introduction to their sound.

The EP opens with the perfectly titled, “That’s Not Swagger, He’s Crippled,” setting the tone: druggy and disassociated, but still urgent.  Riding waves of fuzzy guitar and hushed vocals, the nearly 8 minute track immediately brings to mind Slowdive or My Bloody Valentine.  What really sets the song apart though are the vocal melodies.  They push through the musical haze, peek out of the fog and echo beautifully through each verse.  It’s an otherworldly and wholly satisfying effect.

“It Gets Better” both follows and plays with the established formula a bit.  The somewhat melancholy tone from before picks up an edge of menace here.  Compelled forward by nearly tribal drum beats, the song chugs along, picking up in pace and intensity before finally disappearing into an uneasy cloud of feedback and drone.

The end comes all too soon with “Live with It”.  Here, Financier picks up the tempo with a percolating beat that bubbles up between the layered vocals and guitars.  Ending abruptly not even three minutes later, “Live with It” left me tantalized and wanting more.

I am happy to report that there is much, much more on the way.  Port of St. Oaks is the first of four projected EPs!

Right now, Financier is making this EP available for free via Bandcamp at  Click the link, check out the site, and download some great music!

Also, I’m hoping the boys grant me a follow up interview in the next couple of weeks, though they are busy recording the 2nd EP.  If you have any questions for them, let me know here in the comments or email them to me.  I promise to ask for you!