Bassnectar and Pretty Lights (literally) came to Atlanta on October 15th to show us what they’ve got and to say the least, they rocked the house! The atmosphere was remarkable as everyone lined up to have a good time at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. Almost everyone was dressed up in colorful wigs, metallic clothing and a friendly disposition, frantically trying to move the lines faster so they could start their personal parties!

Pretty Lights put on a fantastic show, getting the floor busy with moving bodies, which helped with it being such a cold night! The dazzling lights hypnotized everyone watching and moved everyone who was listening. No seat in the house was a bad one but the pit was definitely where it was at. Some people couldn’t resist the pull of the pit’s energy and flew over private seating and past security personnel in order to be closer to the stage and get lost in the pit, not to be seen again. I have to say that had I not had an awesome seat and pit passes, I’d definitely have joined them in the run!

photos by Geoff Millwood

For some people who’ve never been to a dubstep show but love to dance and have a good time with friends, a Bassnectar show is absolutely the place to go! The show included a few of my favorite things, massive bass, amazing light shows and music that brought back old memories as well as created new ones. Once Bassnectar hit the stage, the floor was bombarded by kids as young as 13 to adults over 40, once again showing that music appreciation doesn’t vary with age. Glow sticks flew through the air as everyone danced to the beats of electronically remixed favorites and oldies that everyone loves. The energy that he puts out at his shows is simply amazing and you can only wish that it would last forever!