For those of you longing for the days of the wisecracking man and robots of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) television show, we have a better substitute for you – the real life version (minus robot sidekicks, but there were women)! So, just like that television show, the weekly Cineprov team cracks wise on bad movies. On Friday, October 14, the Cinprov team led by Larry Johnnson held a laugh-in review of the 2010 movie, Burlesque, at the Relapse Theatre. Burlesque starred Cher (Tess) as a singer and former dancer who owns a neo-burlesque club and Christina Aguilera (Ali) as a young woman looking to find her big singing and dancing break at Cher’s character’s club. The star-studded cast included Stanley Tucci, Eric Dane, Julianna Hough, Peter Gallagher, and Kristen Bell among others. With this many recognizable actors and actresses names, the movie can’t be all that bad… right? (Guess you’ll have to watch the movie to find out or you could skip it and attend a Cineprov show instead to see what they’re all about! )

Members of Atlanta’s Burlesque and Cabaret Club were in attendance to giggle and snort at Cineprov’s verbal lashing of a movie that had little semblance with the real performance art of burlesque. While the movie had all the glitz, glamour, wardrobes, and backstage dressing area of a well-to-do theater and dance lounge, it lacked in any real connection to the historic strip tease art form.

The movie was held upstairs in the Relapse Theatre viewed on a large movie screen with several rows of stadium style seating. The theatre even sold popcorn, drinks, and adult beverages to enhance the Friday night movie experience.

Cineprov opened the night with a comedian before getting to the movie bashing. Johnnson, along with his two improving lady sidekicks, went straight for the jugular by making fun of Aguilera’s naïve Ali. Jokes ranged anywhere from lighthearted humor to brazen R-rated bawdiness. The comedians were quick-witted and even quicker to crack references at the casts’ other respective movies or television shows. Upon seeing Eric Dane on the screen, one comedienne quipped, “What’s McDreamy doing here?” in reference to his character’s nickname on Grey’s Anatomy. Kristen Bell was teased to no end about her typecasting in numerous romantic comedy movies and as Veronica Mars. Cher’s emotionless face provided an endless point of humor for the Cineprov crew and audience as well. The jokes were balanced out with moments of silence for movie plot development so the audience could keep up with the storyline if they really wanted to. The only other times the comedians were quiet was when a member of the opposite sex was being all sex-ified on screen (so it was good thing that the jokesters were both male and female to keep the comedic momentum going throughout the film). At times, even audience members would crack a funny at the movie which created a very interactive film viewing experience. One of the most memorable improv moments happened when the three members of Cineprov sang loudly and out of tune with Aguilera’s last sappily poignant movie song moment. Whether it was just too much for their sound system to take or not – the entire sound shut off, leaving a quiet room which led to uproarious laughter for everyone. Aside from the belly busting laughs, after the film the Cineprov team gave movie goers free cupcakes in honor of a friend’s birthday. Yes, laughter and free cupcakes… could a Friday night movie get any better?

Cineprov provides movie poking fun comedy every Friday night. (They also perform on the first Saturday of every month.) Relapse Theatre is 18 and up only. Tickets can be purchased at the door for $10 or $5 for students. Bar opens at 7 p.m. Doors at 7:30 p.m. Show starts at 8 p.m. They are happy to do private shows with your pick of DVD movie. Reservations recommended because seating is limited, call (404) 246-3805 or email [email protected]

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