Bush, Chevelle, and Filter took over The Masquerade Music Park and showed that they still have that spark that fans fell in love with in the 90’s. With rain coming down and threatening the outdoor show, all of the bands seemingly did a rain dance to scare it all away just in time to go on and light up the warm Georgia night. With a great crowd turn out, every one of the bands made it worthwhile to come out in the rain.

As Filter took the stage, there was still a little drizzle coming down, but it sure didn’t stop them from taking over and making everyone forget about what started out to be somewhat miserable conditions for a live show. Every member of the band really got the crowd into the show, but lead singer Richard Patrick truly went out of his way to make their part in the show a truly memorable occasion. At one point you could catch him climbing one of the pillars that held up the stage, minutes later he brought up that he had just gotten into crowd surfing and wanted to give it a try with the Atlanta fans, soon after jumping into the crowd and surfing his heart out, held up by his loving fans. Although the band has been through line changes and luls, they still have it and play a very well balanced and energetic show.

As Filter left the stage and Chevelle took over fans were in a great mood and couldn’t wait for more. Chevelle put on a phenomenal set playing all of the songs that they have become admired and respected for. Pete Loeffler sang to the crowd with the passion that we have all come to know them for. Their crowd really got into the show as everyone packed tighter together to get closer to them. I had never seen them live before but I guarantee that I will definitely be back to see them again in the future.  Photos by Keith Minor   

As Chevelle left the stage and the crowd awaited Bush’s arrival the cheers and energy multiplied. Having played at the Masquerade many times before, this crowd knew what was about to happen and seethed with anticipation for Bush’s return to Atlanta. Even with the break up in 2002 and 8 year hiatus, Bush’s faithfuls have remained vigilant in their hopes for the band to get back together and were rewarded for their patience and understanding of the hiatus and new band members Chris Traynor and Corey Britz. As the band took the stage the crowd came to a roar which did not dim during the show. Bush played all of their hits as well as some new tunes off of their new release, “The Sea of Memories.” Gavin and the boys really took over the stage and did not slow down the whole set and had the crowd singing along just as they had so many years ago. The band has been reinvigorated by their new members and progression in overall sound and composition. The new album still has their well known grunge sound, but has been backed by even more maturity and thought than their previous records. Hats off and good luck on tour to all three of these amazing bands.

Photos by Keith Minor