On October 10th I headed down to the Masquerade to see Firewind headlining on the The Frets of Fury US tour.  Firewind is a power metal band from Greece.  Gus G started the band in 1998 when he recorded a demo with some close musician friends to showcase his guitar skills, and they have released six studio albums to date.

I first saw Firewind at Progpower USA at Center Stage.  They played for about 900 people.  So, I was a little surprised to see them playing in Hell at the Masquerade.  Nonetheless, it was cool to watch them so up close and personal on the Hell stage.  When Firewind came on stage I noticed their drummer Michael Ehre was missing and Jo Nunez from Nightrage was filling in for him.  Jo did great so no worries.  Firewind ripped right into their set with The Ark of Lies from their newest album Days of Defiance. Apollo’s catchy vocals, and Gus G’s awesome shredding got the crowd pumping their fists.  They played various songs from their albums, and the fans were singing right along with the band.  A few fan favorites included “World on Fire”, “Mercenary Man”, and “I Am The Anger”.  Also, Bob Katsionis did a great job playing both keyboards and rhythm guitar.  He had a cool keyboard solo after the song “Kill to Live”, and then went right back to shredding on the guitar.  It’s amazing how some musicians can go back and forth between instruments.  In addition, Firewind’s original singer Stephen Frederick was in the crowd at the show, as he now lives in Conyers, GA, which was cool.

In the end, I thought Firewind did a great performance despite the smaller stage.  It’s too bad not many people showed up for this band, but by all accounts the tour has been plagued by low attendance.  Those who did attend loved every minute of their set.  Again, this was only my second time seeing these guys, but they were great both times.  Check them out on Facebook.

Set List:
The Ark Of Lies
Head Up High
Destination Forever
Kill To Live
Keyboard solo
Angels forgive me
World On Fire
The Fire And The Fury
Heading For The Dawn
Mercenary Man
The End Of Time
I Am The Anger
Into The Fire
Falling To Pie