Anything can happen on Halloween: your dog could turn into a cat, your sister could turn into a bat, or you can stay home handing out candy and watch Hocus Pocus on an endless DVR loop. The kids may be bummed that trick-or-treating falls on a Monday this year, but that doesn’t mean the weekend is without a bunch of rad, ghoulish goings-on in the area!

Coolidge Corner Theater @fter MIdnite: An American Werewolf in London

John Landis’ classic 1981 horror-comedy celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, and what better way to stay off the moors could there be than watching the glorious Rick Baker effects on 35mm? A refreshingly dark and humorous take on lycanthropy, An American Werewolf in London makes its appearance at Brookline’s Coolidge Corner Theater at midnight on Friday (Saturday morning if you want to get technical). But while you’re at the theater, why not grab tickets for…

11th Annual Halloween Horror Movie Marathon at Coolidge Corner

This special @fter Midnite marathon kicks off with a double feature: Suspiria and Return of the Living Dead. The first is a colorful supernatural thriller from Italian master Dario Argento and the latter is the 80’s zombie gore-fest and spiritual successor to George Romero’s series. You can watch those two or stick around for 5 additional horror movies that are a SURPRISE, but if you’re an astute horror viewer, the Coolidge page provides some cheeky hints. A costume contest, trailers, and short films also fill this Saturday night.

Spawn of the Lizard: Ryan Fitzsimmons and Baker Thomas Band Halloween Bash!

Saturday night at Cambridge’s Lizard Lounge, the 4th annual Halloween celebration crawls up for a fun and music filled night courtesy of Ryan Fitzsimmons and the Baker Thomas Band. Guaranteed to be a hell of a time. Wear a costume!

Spooky World at Fenway Park

Spooky World has two locations this year: The original site in Litchfield, NH and new this Halloween season at Fenway.  It features three attractions: Hancock Hill Cemetary, Brigham Manor, and 3D Freakout. While the evening shows are a big draw for thrills and chills, Spooky World also has a family friendly Kids’ Matinee. Since it is Halloween weekend, visitors can wear their costumes. The attraction runs through November 6.

Salem Haunted Happenings

Bring the kids through Salem all through Halloween weekend for loads of activities. Reenactments of the Salem Witch trials, three evening magic shows, a carnival, wand-making, and trolley tours are just a handful of the events that families can check out. An entire brochure of the haunted happenings can be found here.

Wilson Farm Haunted Hayrides and Trick-or Treating

Families can head out to the Lexington farm’s annual autumn staple, running to October 31st. Not too scary for the kids at all; the ride pulls visitors through the fields to look out for ghoulish and funny vegetable creatures. Definitely stop to check out warm, delicious apple cider donuts and caramel candy apples. On Halloween from 2-5pm, kids can come in costume and trick-or-treat at Wilson Farm and other Lexington businesses.

Central Square HOWL-FEST

Take a look around Central Square this weekend for participating HOWL events; shop windows will be decorated by local artists competing for prizes, watch street performers, make HOWL-o-ween chalk drawings and Snow Queen puppets on Sunday morning from 11:30-1:30, and stop and cheer for the…

Superhero 5K in Central Square

Dress up as your favorite superhero Sunday morning at 10 and head to the third annual 5K. Race to set your own personal record, but also run for a great cause! The Superhero 5K benefits both On the Rise and the Tyler Foundation.

So go out this weekend and have a ghastly good time!