The young and vibrant Lydia Loveless plays TT the Bear’s tonight, and I predict all in attendance will be blown away. Lydia, lovely and only 21, belts out her wry lyrics with the chops of a woman twice her age. On tour promoting her new album, Indestructible Machine (Bloodshot Records), this Ohio native cites Hank Sr., Hank 3, Richard Hell, Charles Bukowski, Loretta Lynn, Britney Spears and her family as her musical influences.

This interesting mix of inspiration, plus Lydia’s own god given talent, sense of humor, and apparently jaded-beyond-her-years outlook has helped form a decidedly grown-up album. Produced beautifully and cleanly without losing the soul of the instrumentation, the album is a pleasure to listen to, start to finish.

Lydia’s songs feature elements of kick-ass girl rock, folk, and raucous honky tonk, all set against a pleasing background of classic whiskey soaked country. Banjo and upright bass sometimes add a lovely Americana feel, but nothing on the album ever outshines the charismatic leading lady. That doozy of a voice is incredible.

It will be interesting to watch Miss Loveless’s career unfold. With her powerful talent, natural instinct for production, and relatable world weariness, Lydia could easily hold her own beside those legends she holds dear.


Check out one of Lydia’s new tracks, “Can’t Change Me” HERE.