On October 1, 2011, The Backstage Beat had the pleasure of attending The Magic is Science Art Exhibit in Decatur, GA.  Magic is Science is a semi-annual exhibit by an artist cooperative that focus on the fantastic. In the words of  Sam Mitchell, one of the artists, “..,we draw inspiration from science-fiction, fantasy and pop-culture relevant media.” In other words, it is art that geeks will go ga-ga for.  How geeky are their influences? The theme of this show was Art Inspired By The Neverending Story.

The idea for Magic Is Science came about when Jason Mallory, Rich Aviles and Sam Mitchell saw the movie Exit Through the Gift Shop. After the movie, they wanted to create their own art exhibit.  According to Mallory, “we had all known each other a long time and really respected each other’s work. We all wanted to work on a project together, so Magic Is Science was born”

The event met the organizers goals in so many ways.  While Mallory was fearful of an empty gallery, Mitchell said he feared most that it would be bad art, high prices, and pretension. Sycamore Place Gallery was packed with an appreciative crowd and some exciting art.

The professionalism of the artwork is reflective of the work ethics of the artist and how seriously they take their own ‘fun’ art.  “Many of us are designers. We have to work on client-based work. It’s a challenge that doesn’t always give you an end product that is cohesive with your original vision.” explained one of the artists, “With Magic is Science, we can create our own original work based on our pop-culture interests that have no limitations.”

The theme was chosen to allow the artist to explore a  sense of whimsy and nostalgia. Mallory pointed out  that the artists “all love The NeverEnding Story” and was not surprise by the way the audience embraced the visually interesting images and the nostalgia of the evening.

Previous Magic Is Science have featured works inspired by classic video games, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and Dragon*Con.

The artist represented were:

  • Kristina Ackerman
  • Erin Armstrong
  • Carla Santiago
  • Rich Aviles
  • Maria Teresa Garcia
  • Mike Klapthor
  • Jason Mallory
  • Sam Mitchell

The Backstage beat will be there for the next Magic Is Science exhibit in the Spring.


Website: http://magicisscience.com