On the eve of the release show for their brand new EP “Sun’s Out, Guns Out,” Super Prime’s Adam Newall discusses the album, their musical style, and what’s in store for the future. Check out Super Prime this Saturday, October 8 at the Middle East Upstairs!

-You all attend Berklee, but how did you meet and decide to form a band?

Austin and I had the same intro-level ensemble class with each other, and it was clear after just one class that my drums and his bass made a tight rhythm section.  We jammed a bit over the following weeks and eventually realized that our influences and inspirations veritably overlapped, so we decided to record some sheisty demos… which, after much honing, became our first EP!  At the time I was drumming, and after a couple bad auditions, there was little hope on the horizon of finding a good pop-punk frontman for the band.  On the other hand, Berklee was chock full of amazing drummers, so we decided in the interest of forward movement to hire a drummer, and that I would play guitar and me and Austin would split vocal parts.  Our sit-in badass, J.P. Bouvet (Roland’s 2011 National Drumoff Champion) referred us to his roommate Marcus James and history was made.

-What motivated you to play pop-punk?

We had both grown up on it.  We knew it well.  We could play it well.  It seemed to be the most prudent way to get these feelings out.

Is there a running theme or story in your latest EP?

“Sun’s Out, Guns Out” covers the wide variety of emotions one might experience in finding someone who is truly special; someone to spend your days with.  The single, “Vow,” sums it up.  From the opening line, “I swear I’ll protect you,” you get a sense of that ceremonious side of love, and a clear statement of dedication, while lines like “On judgment day we’ll go to In-N-Out” express the carefree and fun-loving attitudes of the friendship that is the basis for that love to thrive on.  The title track expresses one’s desire to leave behind the pursuit of sophomoric habits for the sake of the relationship, and the bonus “Song for Gabbi” is a plea for another chance and a statement of good intent.  “Just Like You” finds its way onto the album by assuring us that no matter how heavy our burden feels, there is someone out there feeling it too.  Everyone thinks that theirs is the heaviest, but after all, there is always another who “lost it all” because of something that she couldn’t even control.  Man up, basically.  The concept of “Sun’s Out, Guns Out” is, in a nutshell, “get up off your ass and handle your business, there’s something going on here that is bigger than your own self-interest.”

-Besides the influence of Green Day, what other artists and groups inspire you?

Jimmy Eat World, Fall Out Boy, Incubus, Blink, NOFX, Say Anything, Alkaline Trio, the list is long.

-How has your music evolved since your last EP?

I’d say our songwriting skills have been refined a bit.  Also, Berklee has definitely brought us great harmony and given us a bunch of rules to break. In addition, I feel that just by working together, Austin and I have both grown musically in the last couple years.  He is a tremendously talented songwriter.  We also tackled a bit more grown up subject matter this time around, and I feel that was a success as well.

-Does the material for your lyrics come easily?

There is never a shortage of angst to spill onto the page.  When an artist feels something strongly enough, there is hardly anything they can do to keep it inside.

-Any predictions as to what your sound will be like in the future? Any plans for follow-up LPs?

We will be releasing a full-length by the end of this year.  Most of the content will come from the two EP’s, some of which will be reworked and refined, and there will also be some new tracks.  Be ready.  As for our sound, we feel like we have already written our way through some barriers that would have otherwise kept us penned into the typical 90’s-style pop-punk genre.  While that is a great influence on us, we still want to be free to express ourselves wholly and without borders.


Super Prime’s “Suns Out, Guns Out” release show takes place Saturday at Middle East!  Come on out, and support a great local band!