Nostalgia for a simpler time mixed with honest laughter and a bit of coy sexuality was just what a 21st century Friday night in a smoky Atlanta club needed! On Friday, October 7, Mon Cherie Presents Va Va Voom – The Boobie Tube Burlesque Show featured acts that paid homage to the silly, flirty television shows of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Whether you dreamt of genie or wanted to get bewitched, the performers offered enchanting and lighthearted burlesque shows throughout the evening.

Speaking of dreaming, the first act was performed by Kittie Love who evoked blond bombshell Barbara Eden’s “I Dream of Jeannie” in a number accompanied by the song, “Genie in a Bottle.” As luck would have it, there were actually two genies in the club because red haired “Jeannie” number two, Ruby Redmayne, was close to the stage to lend Kittie a hand with her harem pants. Then Kittie danced and twirled as she exposed a sparkly pink bikini fitting for a “Jeannie” and – whether she did so on purpose or not – it was a perfect pink tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness month (October).

The wonders of early American television led us to the va va voom-ing Wonder Woman. At a speculated height of 6’3’’ (and I believe that is without her gigantic heels on!), Tora Torrid was the quintessential Amazon woman and an American one to boot. This foxy Amazonian Wonder Woman strutted on stage in dashing business professional attire, wearing a white button down shirt with long pencil length skirt. The excited crowd could tell it was only moments before her true identity became apparently because she had on knee high shiny red boots with white stripes, not exactly what you wear to a normal day at the office. Getting her rock n’ roll on to Lenny Kravitz’s “American Woman,” Tora got down to a Wonder Woman themed bustier with a dazzling blue shimmy skirt. I think there were a few men in the audience who wished that she would’ve wrangled them with her lasso of truth at the end of her number.

And about that man wrangling stuff, Catatonic Raucous knows exactly how to bewitch a man in her capable hands. Led by the Darrin Stephens dressed magician Chad Sanborn, who played her hungry stage hubby, Catatonic played Samantha from “Bewitched” in nose twitching style. With what sounded like an old episode on tape, Sanborn started to grouch about his dinner only to try to trick the witchy Catatonic with a magic trick. Guess he didn’t know that you can’t trick a witch! He upset her by making something disappear in her purse only to receive huge giggles from the audience as the witch froze time and left him a little exposed while eating his banana.

When it comes to giggles, Star Trek has always provided a few as did the Vulcan book carried on stage by Ursula Undress titled, Men Are From Romulus, Women Are From Vulcan by Dr. Spock PhD. Off came this Vulcan woman’s Enterprise dress to reveal a beautiful burlesque outfit topped with large Enterprise inspired pasties. Women are from Vulcan indeed!

If Ursula was from Vulcan, then the next performer was definitely from Gilligan’s Island. Gilligan aka New Orleans Jon sang and danced his way through Bobby Darin’s “Beyond the Sea.” Ladies in the audience raved over his performance and one even cooed that he sounded like one of his idols, Frank Sinatra.

The next performer up had a large blue British police telephone box rigged on stage. I’m not too familiar with Dr. Who, but Katherine Lashe apparently is a fan of this television show. Walking out of the box in a trench coat and long scarf, Katherine got right down to business, wiggling and dancing around the stage to the audience’s delight.

For the last assignment – I mean dance – Désiré Èvoquer, Rosefire Sauvage and Tora Torrid played the three burlesque blonde, red head, and brunette versions of Charlie’s Angels. They brought the house down with their unique take on the Charlie’s Angels by dancing simultaneously and alone in a showcase that revealed their sparkly red, silver & purple, and yellow & blue bikinis.

This show was wonderful on many levels. To start with, not every girl stripped down to her pasties during her performance (not a big deal, but the variety and different levels of tease where nice to watch). Plus, the theme was really fun and nostalgic which encouraged others to dress in character – one lady dressed as a second Samantha from Bewitched, Tupelo Honey dressed as Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island, Darbella Knight dressed as Endora from Bewitched, Sunny Midnight dressed as a young Huxtable selling pudding pops, and as previously mentioned, Ruby Redmayne was a red haired version of Jeannie. Another nice night out all around, but the new restaurant on the corner obstructed some club goers’ attendance.