Upon entering the venue, I was unsure of what to expect from my first Bayside show. As I waited in Heaven at The Masquerade, it was obvious that the crowd was anxiously waiting in anticipation for Bayside to take the stage. As Anthony Raneri, Lead Vocalist of Bayside, sang the first few words of “Blame It On Bad Luck” they rapidly got the attention of everyone in the venue.

It’s safe to say Bayside has consistently exceeded my expectations. They showed great versatility for the Pop-Punk genre. They constantly kept the attention of the audience with a wide assortment of songs going from their newest album Killing Time on through their many previous releases. After performing their newest single, “Sick Sick Sick” every fan instantly proceeded to Bayside’s merchandise table to purchase the brand new album, Killing Time.

Overall I found it to be a great experience that sets the bar extremely high for competing Pop-Punk bands. Bayside has been going strong since 2000, and they don’t show any signs of letting up on their competition.