It was a Thursday night in Atlanta and we were set to have some chuckles. Having spoken to Dave Foley the week before, I knew that it was a risk to come see his “warm up” show (first set in Atlanta), but a risk I would gladly take being such a fan of his work.

Growing up, I would watch The Kids in the Hall all the time.  I was borderline obsessed.  I found their comedy to be offensive to some and most of my friends did not like them.  They just didn’t understand the humor, the dressing up, or anything about the show.  I can’t fault them, we all are not blessed with a good sense of humor.

Knowing my husband Rob and I were going to meet a comedy legend in our minds, made me a little nervous but very excited!

The Laughing Skull Lounge is where the show was taking place which is located inside The Vortex burger joint right off Peachtree Road.  I have seen several shows there and absolutely love the venue.  The space is small and intimate without being too crowded or claustrophobic. Very classy.

Upon arrival, we met Jamey McDaniel (General Manager) and he escorted us backstage to meet Dave.  It was so nice to finally meet Dave Foley in person and get a picture! Meeting the other comics as well, we had them get a pic with Dave. Matt White was late for the picture party.

Dave Foley, Andy Sandford, Ben Owen, Paul Gallois (not pictured : Matt White)

I was happy to know that four local comedians were on hand to warm up the crowd. Ben Owen was the host and opened up the night with a set. Then you had Matt White, Andy Sandford, and Paul Gallois  . . . all made up a trio of very funny, bearded men that warmed us up for Mr. Foley.