Around a year ago I came across demo from a particular band called Deafheaven and upon finishing it I realized that I had found a band that was finally doing something that I had always wanted to hear and doing it right, they had perfectly taken passion found in the more aggressive genres and turned it into a stunning and sophisticated experience. Fast forward to present day and my chance to finally see this played out live had come and to say that I curious and thrilled was a vast understatement.

So the show started off with a stellar performance from local band Odist, who proved by the end that their ability far outshines most other instrumental acts out there with the intensity on stage and songwriting ability. Russian Circles ended out the night with what I would call a show that was somewhat lacking, although the idea that they had was cool, it just didn’t play out well in my opinion, but that’s not to say they are not a great band and I still highly enjoy listening to them. But this review is for Deafheaven, it is for them cause they truly stand out as an amazing force in the modern scene and their live performance only expands upon that.

As the members of Deafheaven took stage they had a certain presence about them that was quite unusual, but in a good way. They softly started going into Violet and lead singer George displayed an emotionally struggling state that wavered from reclusive to animalistic that he would continue to whirl through as their show went on. The crowd appeared to be transfixed by their performance the whole time, just set in stone and sucked into the performance by the band like they had never experienced something of this sort before. The band themselves, and in combination with the music they were putting out, made me think of a painting that would come out of the Medieval period depicting a scene from Hell with all the painful emotions that were being displayed as each song went by. The grandest achievement by Deafheaven that night was how eloquently they present in a live performance their ability to take these painful emotions that are so ugly and turn them into something absolutely beautiful that leaves you unable to turn away and never wanting it to end. Deafheaven has created something that will, no matter what, remain a vibrant part of the extreme Alternative scene and a live experience permanently burnt into the memory banks of my mind.