The Movielife was a band that really helped shape the modern face of true Pop-Punk, along the sides of New Found Glory and Lifetime, and they remain an important influence on the genre even though they broke up 8 years ago. Now, former lead singer for The Movielife, Vinnie Caruana has come back even harder with his current band I Am The Avalanche and they prove that growing bitter with age can be a very good thing.


This show was something of a New York exhibit, with the exception of Saves The Day hailing from Jersey, and was definitely packed with various styles of attitude. As far as the performances go, I Am The Avalanche certainly stood above the pack with an intensity that dwarfed the others and a punch of that old-school passion. Watching Vinnie jump around stage on songs like Amsterdam and My Second Restraining Order was like viewing an old Hardcore show from back in the day, both with intensity and style reminiscent of such. The one thing I did find to be strange and disappointing, not on I Am The Avalanche’s part but on Bayside’s, was that on the song The Gravedigger’s Argument the guest vocals of Anthony were not preformed by him even though Bayside was present this night and when Bayside preformed The Walking Wounded Vinnie came out on stage and did his part. The crowd response for the band, even though it was very good, was not what I thought they deserved compared to the intense crowd responses of Bayside and Saves The Day for their much less stunning performances.


Although all the bands that night were amazing, I Am The Avalanche took the cake for performance and should have received a better crowd response than they did. The torch from the days of The Movielife is still burning and it’s stronger than it has ever been.