Center Stage could not have booked a more influential and moving performance that meant so much too so many.  The sounds of Led Zeppelin motivated the lives of so many even jump started many into music.  Not only could you see the love Jason Bonham has for his dad and music, but also the passion to spread the music his dad played that influenced so many, and himself, to his fans.  Jason Bonham’s show was a celebration of his father’s life.  He had home videos and old pictures on the big screen playing behind him when they performed and Bonham told many heartwarming stories of his father and his childhood.

Not only did Jason Bonham do his father proud on the drums, and play an incredible duet with his father on the drums behind him (“Moby Dick”), but he also surrounded himself with talent that would impress any Led Zeppelin fanatic.  Steven LeBlanc showed his multiple talents on keyboard, lap steel, and second guitar (acoustic and electric).  On bass was a very talented man by the name of  Dorian Heartsong, and on lead guitar was a man by the name of Tony Catania.  What most impressed me on the night were not Tony Catania’s incredible guitar skills or Steven LeBlanc’s multiple talents, but was James Dylan’s vocals.  He finished off the group with his ability to channel his inner Robert Plant and perform so well on stage.  There was a point in the show however where I felt one half of the sage got lost, but they were great in bringing it all back together and getting everyone back in the spotlight.  It was just as the fans around me said “It’s incredible how much they sound like Led Zeppelin! This is incredible!”  Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin experience is a show must see.