The Artifice Club of Atlanta will presenting another one of their fantastic Steampunk events this weekend when The Second Annual Mechanical Masquerade fills Blue Mark Studios with a supernatural night of “Paranormal Fantasy” on Saturday November 12, beginning at 5PM.  If this event lives up to the excitement and merriment of previous Artifice Club events, celebrants are in for a fantastic night of costumes, entertainment, and camaraderie! But, be warned, The Mechanical Masquerade has a dress code! Attendees are required to wear both a mask (that’s why it’s a masquerade!) and formal wear.

The mask is only required if you are not wearing a theme appropriate costume (steampunk, paranormal fantasy, or both). We don’t want to turn away our costumed patrons simply because they do not wish to wear a mask with their costumes. The dress code is required so that when you step through the doors of the Masquerade, you are in an all-immersive themed world. – Cat Barson (staff for the Mechanical Masquerade)

Formal wear? That’s right.  Formal wear is the norm because this event celebrates both the mysterious and the paranormal and promotes the wonderful aesthetic of the Victorian Era.  According to Artifice Club Founder Dr. Q, Steampunk “began with the literature that drew from the old Victorian science-fiction, and has since crossed into art, fashion, media, and more…it is a retro-futurist movement that imagines a future than never was…” And in this case, it asks you dress fancy!

The Artifice Club is not a building, but a society. It’s a collection of artists, performers, makers, costumers, patrons, and supporters of creativity and individualism.  Dr. Q explained the organization “subscribe to our belief that the future is what we choose it to be, and that with our regular meetings and our network of creative people, we can bring more of the unique individual tastes of the past into the more mundane mass production of the present.” They are also well-known nationally in Steampunk circles for throwing quarterly events featuring musical acts, burlesque shows, circus performers, and even side-show acts. Each event carries a unique theme, and each event is hosted in a unique venue.

The Mechanical Masquerade this year represents a successful year of hosting these of quarterly events.   As a spokesman explained, “ This is our anniversary show, so we wanted to make it special.  As such, it is a large experiment in a formal, immersive entertainment…Part of that is the formal nature of the event.  We require you to wear formal wear with a mask…(or costumes) in the theme of Paranormal Fantasy”  The real requirement would be a mask.  Don’t have a mask? Don’t worry, they will have them at the door.

The Artifice Club is famous for finding the best venues in Atlanta, and Blue Mark Studios fits the bill! Once a Church, this late 1800’s building boasts a working church bell that will tie into the evening festivities.

If you have never this been to a Steampunk event and would like to learn more about it, this would be an amazing opportunity to see the “absolute best Steampunk has to offer in our region.”  The Mechanical Masquerade offers costumes representing unique characters, wandering magicians, and live music.  Other activities include a Ghost Story contest and a Costume Contest. Dr. Q reminded the Backstage beat that there is still more to enjoy: “There will be authors, artists, and much more in a Bazaar of the Bizarre, and everywhere you look, you will feel as if you swept up in a world where magic and science collide. There is such a wide range of activities that regardless of what one enjoys,  something fun and amazing will be found.”

The acts include The Ghost Project, The Vauxhall Garden Variety Players, Doc Volz and the Mezmer Society Virginia,  Steampunk Chronicle’s Fashion Editor Wilhelmina Frame’s fashion show, Burning Ace Magic, Puppetry, and oracle reading by Talloolah Love and Paige Smith.

The event is not sold out, but ticket sales have been brisk and VIP tickets are sold out. General Membership (admission) is still available for only $25.00 at the door.

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