Upon entering 529 I was not sure what to expect this night, being that I had never been to a show of this sort before, thankfully I was not let down.

Standing around in 529 before the show allowed me to take in the atmosphere of the club itself; worn, smoky, welcoming and very personal, what I would call a perfect setup for a show. After waiting for a while, the first band ventured on stage, and from the first notes of Mirror Mode I knew that the bands on that stage would be fully utilizing the atmosphere of the club with their music to make a blend that would be mesmerizing. The openers Mirror Mode and Factory North came out with a mood not seen in many first timers, they weren’t trying to push it to ridiculousness or be something bigger, they were just themselves and pulled it off with an efficiency that was beautiful for something new. I can say that these hometown groups, Mirror Mode with a Dark Wave flavor and Factory North with an Alternative style that embraces late 50’s and early 60’s Pop into it, are something to look out for in the near future.

As the night started to draw near 12:30 Memoryhouse had gathered upon the stage and were setting up as I stood there waiting to experience them for the first time with much curiosity. I felt the first notes with a warming sensation that surprised me; their purpose was to not make someone dance yet to get a feeling in the listener that means much more. Memoryhouse only continued to impress me throughout their set with a passion that really shines. Watching Denise Nouvion sing was something in its own, bringing about the idea of a person who has a lot of passion and lets it build up, only to let it out when they feel comfortable. The crowd response was reserved, but it seemed to be that everyone in the room was really into the band, feeling their music at an emotional level, and by the end of the show everyone seemed pleased that they attended. Memoryhouse truly seemed grateful for those who came out to see them, even though it was a free show. The members seemed to be glad that they were being recognized by people and respected. When the night came to a close it was clear that Memoryhouse are going to be something to look out for in the near future.

The show overall was really nice, with the music and the feeling of the venue mixing together the show was just right. Also, the bands that preformed that night showed that there is a lot of passion in the music they play and would make anyone who thinks otherwise take a second listen.