How many of us could open up our past and our hearts and reveal them for the world to see. Well that’s what Shelby Lynne does in her most recent release, Revelation Road. She wrote, sang, played, and produced every song and then released it on her own label. And, then she went on the road, all by her diminutive self.

I have lived in Atlanta Region for 32 years. So why is it that I am now just discovering Eddie’s Attic in Decatur. Anywho … since Shelby Lynne released her album of Dusty Springfield covers in 2008,  I have been a fan.  So early Monday afternoon on November 14th, I find that Shelby is playing Eddie’s Attic and its SOLD OUT! … Oh noooo …. After some real begging and groveling, my editor scores me a pass to the show … Oh yeah :)

Shelby and I … in a room together … well there were 150 or so others there also … oh my. Ain’t nothing like being up close to an artist who pours her heart out on the stage. Shelby with her sultry sounds of misery are most appealing.  No one, this side of Adele, has the franchise on sad songs.

Shelby played her newest album Revelation Road in its entirety before launching into a full set of her previous favorites listed in the setlist below. But its her raw emotion that captured the crowd in this small room. But, there is always that moment in every show … that magic moment. On this night, that magic moment was when Shelby sang the spiritual traditional “You Are My Sunshine” accompanying herself on the ukelele.  She dedicated the song to her grandfather and all our grandfather’s as she urged us to sing along.  It was a special night as Shelby shared her deepest raw emotions with us through her songs.

Shelby Lynne Setlist 11-14-2011 Eddie’s Attic Decatur, GA

Lead My Love


Revelation Road

Even Angels

I Want to Go Back

The Thief

Toss It All Aside

Heaven’s Only Days Down the Road]

Killin’ Kind

Jesus On A Greyhound


10 Rocks

Johnny Met June

Old Dog

Where Am I Now

Why Didn’t You Call Me

Your Lies

Where I’m From

I Won’t Leave You


You Are My Sunshine

Iced Tea