The Joy Formidable has come a long way in the last year.

In Atlanta, they played The Earl last March, then they played Music Midtown, then this Monday they opened for The Foo Fighters!

On top of that, to have Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters say on stage that The Joy Formidable is his favorite band… yes, they are finally coming into what they deserve!

To quote Amber Amick when she saw them at The Earl, “Ritzy is a brilliant frontwoman. She’s endearingly sweet, and punk-rock hilarious. Matt is a fantastic drummer. He is perfectly punk rock, perfectly metal, perfectly indie. He’s perfect. (But then, the whole band is perfect.) He drove the band, he drove the crowd. Ritzy tweaked the effects pedals, and slashed her platinum bob through the air again and again. ”

I agree so much.  The way Ritzy moved on stage and her facial expressions really told the crowd that she loved being there! She was living in the moment and that moment was beautiful!

We have had the pleasure of covering them every time they have played in Atlanta and we can not wait to see them back…. as Headliners!

 Photos by Rob and Ange Alex


Read Amber’s full review from March 2011  HERE