Social Distortion is a band I have personally loved since somewhere around the age of fifteen.  Seeing Social Distortion up close and personal has always been a goal of mine and on Monday night, that goal was achieved.  We were able to see them perform right before The Foo Fighters went on for a short but sweet thirty minute set.

Surprising to me, frontman Mike Ness being a true professional, still introduced himself to the crowd as if we all had no idea who they were.  He still thanked the other bands he was playing with and thanked all the fans in the crowd.  Definitely a pro!

After shooting the first three songs, Rob and I made our way to our seats and enjoyed the show and the crowd.  Sitting in front of us were two boys somewhere around sixteen I would guess.  They were shouting for Social D to play “Ring of Fire”, their cover of the Johnny Cash song.  When they finally played it, the boys went nuts.  It was very surreal watching both that and the band, as I was that age listening to that very song a few years ago :)


Bad Luck
So Far Away
Story Of My Life
Sweet & Lowdown
Reach for the Sky
Another State of Mind
Ring of Fire(Johnny Cash cover)

One thing I an say is that thirty minutes is just not enough… I will definitely see them when they come back as headliners!