On October 27,  The Supersuckers and the Reverend Horton Heat played at the Masquerade in Atlanta. The Reverend Horton Heat trio was on tour promoting their new album alongside “the greatest rock n roll band”, the Supersuckers.

The Supersuckers are a great rock n roll band from Seattle, Washington. I have seen them several times in Atlanta over the years, and I have always enjoyed their shows. Their songs are lighthearted and sometimes funny, touching on subjects like Ex’s and fighting for fun. The Supersuckers performance is always great to watch. Dan and Marty are rocking with rock n roll riffs and grandiose rock poses. Their drummer Scott is a pretty amazing player. He had a few drum solos during their set ,and I was quite surprised by his talent (not to say I didn’t think he was talented in the first place). Having ten plus albums, the Supersuckers set list covered a wide range of old and new tunes. The played favorite like mudhead, creepy jackalope eye, and born with a tail. The crowd ate it up by cheering and dancing around. Your “Cruisin for a Bruisin” if you haven’t seen this band yet. Always a great band to check out!

Bad, Bad, Bad
Evil Powers of Rock ‘n’ Roll
Beat to Shit
Pushing Through
Sleepy Vampire
On the Couch
Coattail Rider
Bubblegum & Beer
Creepy Jackalope Eye
Something About You
Rock ‘n’ Roll Records (Ain’t Sellin’ This Year)
Rock Your Ass
Dirt Roads, Dead Ends and Dust
How to Maximize Your Kill Count
(Fake Encore – U.S. Patent Pending)
Pretty Fucked Up
Born with a Tail

Up next was the psychobilly band The Reverend Horton Heat from Dallas,Texas. This was my first time seeing the Reverend perform, and I have heard many different things about them. One thing I have heard is they are great live. The second thing I have heard is that the singer sometimes likes to smash photographers cameras. So, I was discreet as possible while photographing them play. The Reverend Horton Heat has been around for 25 years and has nine studio albums. The band took the stage and the went right into the tune Psychobilly Freakout. Right away I thought they were they were a cool band. Also, I didn’t realize Jimbo played an upright bass, which made it even cooler. The RHH’s is no stranger with their fans, and they played a wide range of songs from their albums which included Jimbo’s song, Baddest of the Bad, Death Metal Guys, and even a Johnny Cash cover of Folsom Prison Blues. The crowd loved it and they were cheering and dancing. The Rev had some pretty cool moves like surfing on Jimbo’s upright bass. There was a great drum solo mixed into the set where the drummers from The Supersuckers and The Rev played together on one drum kit. Pretty awesome if you ask me. The Rev did an encore where they pre-selected songs, and they took some requests too. All in all the Reverend Horton Heat knows how to please their fans and put on a great show! Sorry guys, I was only able to find an incomplete set list online. Oh and the Rev didn’t bust up my camera!!