What better way to enjoy the start of a cold fall, than to warm up at a Hawaiian-inspired event? On Friday, November 4, The Shelter nightclub hosted Mon Cherie’s inaugural Bon Voyage – World Destination Tour Parties theme event. The night was based around the tropically hot islands of Hawaii and its Polynesian styling song and dance. Starting off the event, the evening’s host and emcee, a Hawaiian shirt-sporting New Orleans Jon, welcomed guests with a big aloha fanfare worthy of a first voyage, and topped off with lots of confetti, a smoke horn, leis, and tropical décor.

The voyage started with a sailor dress wearing Buloxi Brown, who danced to a classic striptease instrumental song. The sailor dress was white hot with a large blue anchor on the front, and she also wore matching blue gloves with a white sailor hat. Underneath it all, she was sparkling like the deep blue sea with a fancy blue beaded belt and matching lingerie garments. Atlanta’s #1 Party Promoter, Mon Cherie even helped out by donning Buloxi with a blue feather boa.

Throughout the evening, Marilynn Chen was entertaining guests by dancing around the club in an island inspired flower bikini and tan grass skirt.

The second act to take the stage was Lala and her brother Tony, performing an ancient Hawaiian chant and hula dance called Aia La ‘O Pele which pays tribute to the ancient Hawaiian goddess Pele. The half Hawaiian and half Irish duo called their act Nainoa (in honor of their Hawaiian grandmother Nainoa). Lala performed the hula and sang the backing chant while Tony played the Ipu heke (drum type) instrument. The crowd was thoroughly impressed with the act as Lala danced around barefoot in traditional Hawaiian garb, including a white dress and headdress with matching wrist and ankle bands. One audience member even exclaimed, “That was cool!” after they finished up to a huge round of applause. Lala and Tony’s proud family even came out to support their first club performance!

Next, Scarlett Page was an Atlanta-Polynesian cannibal, dancing to “I Eat Cannibal” by Toto Coelo. Wearing a green grass skirt, black bra top, and a bone necklace, she was a tribal force to be reckoned with as she swung her body and long black hair around the stage.

Rounding out the performances, New Orleans Jon sang his version of Don Ho’s “Tiny Bubbles” as Toniet Gallego did a graceful mermaid dance. A vision in an aqua colored mermaid outfit, Toniet did indeed dance in tiny bubbles as a bubble machine was shooting them off up from her feet. Lastly, Stormy Knight closed out the evening by performing a tribal belly dance on stage in a shell bra and green grass skirt.

One of my favorite parts of the evening was the pin-up swimsuit competition. All the girls looked lovely in their swimsuits or skimpy club gear. The biggest surprise about the competition was that I won! Dressed in my favorite curvy leopard print one-piece, I was crowned the pin-up swimsuit competition winner by popular crowd vote!! I received a tiara and prizes awarded to me by the evening’s host New Orleans Jon. What a wonderful evening staycation at the Shelter in Atlanta, dreaming of Hawaii!