Tuesday November 01 – Heaven • 6:00 PM •  $16.00 (THE BACKSTAGE BEAT will be at this show)
Impending Doom, Rise To Remain



Chimaira has embarked on a mission to destroy everything in their paths, reeking havoc everywhere they go. The band’s massive fan base comes out in droves every time they play, often turning a simple show into a near-riot. And from the first pummeling note, Chimaira’s aggression animates on stage as every instrument unearths emotions better left buried, combining to unleash the collective monster lurking beneath the surface.
Tuesday November 01
Hell • 7:00PM • 14.00
Asobi Seksu Asobi Seksu, True Widow

Wednesday November 02-

Purgatory • 7:00 PM • 6.00
The Front Bottoms
What can we say about The Front Bottoms? We know we love them: a punk band that uses acoustic guitar, indie-rock dance grooves, Springsteen-y keyboard lines (this they might deny). It’s hook-filled… it’s anthemic… it’s confessional. Maybe Joni Mitchell by way of Green Day? They must have heard some Replacements along the way, and it seems like what Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers did for the Boston suburbs these guys are doing for Bergen County, NJ. But they still leave us scratching our heads. “We kinda thought we were a punk band but then we’d play on bills with real punk bands and we’d be like ‘Whoa, were not punks,” says Mathew. “What the hell are we?” We can’t wait to find out the convoluted answer to that question.
Friday November 04 – Heaven • 7:00 PM • $22.50 (THE BACKSTAGE BEAT will be at this show)
Brazen Angel
Although they were initially grouped with the legions of pop-metal bands that dominated the American heavy metal scene of the ’80s, Queensrÿche were one of the most distinctive bands of the era. Where their contemporaries built on the legacy of Van Halen, Aerosmith, and Kiss, Queensrÿche constructed a progressive form of heavy metal that drew equally from the guitar pyrotechnics of post-Van Halen metal and ’70s art rock, most notably Pink Floyd and Queen. Queensryche announced that they were working on new material, and in 2011 released their eleventh studio album, Dedicated to Chaos.
Friday November 04 – Hell • 8:30 PM • $16.00
The Black Angels
Dead Meadow, SpinDrift
From deep in the heart of Texas, armed with the home-grown mantra “Turn On, Tune In, Drone Out,” The Black Angels ring real and rugged like a crimson full moon-lit night. Formed in May of 2004, the band’s sanctified holy racket was breech-born out of life-long friendships drawn up in blood and sealed with a kiss. Taking their name from the classic Velvet Underground tune “The Black Angel’s Death Song,” these Angels are far more than classic revisionists with extensive record collections. This is heavy-duty psychedelic rock with an incessant primitive beat that echoes the spirit of the 13th Floor Elevators and early Stones.
Friday November 04 – Purgatory • 7:00PM • $6.00 (THE BACKSTAGE BEAT will be at this show… this is one of our best picks!)
Sweetwood Presents:
Three Blind Wolves
The District Attorneys, Swank Motel
Formerly a band of another name (we forget what that was now) Three Blind Wolves are four dudes that hail from all the far flung corners of Glasgow. We make music because we want to make the kids feel like dancing with their shoes off in a deep Summer forest, where the leaves drip with golden sunshine onto hands and lips and shoulders and hips bumping together in time.
Saturday November 05 – Hell • 5:00 PM • $12.00
Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Sqaud & The Green
Cas Haley
After five years on the road, GIANT PANDA GUERILLA DUB SQUAD’s progressive live show has made them one of the most embraced bands by concert-goers and the taper community. Their show recordings have been downloaded over 160,000 times from taper-friendly websites such as archive.org. Formed in Rochester, New York, GPGDS found common ground through their love of live music, the bass-heavy rhythms of reggae, and long winters spent in a Northeastern industrial city. Collective jam sessions and loosely booked gigs saw the group performing with an evolving lineup. Taking summer road trips to festivals around the country, the band started playing in festival parking lots and campgrounds. These renegade “guerilla” shows would eventually develop into an intense touring cycle. Four extraordinary talents, one scene-shaking reggae band.That’s THE GREEN, four boys hailing from Hawaii who burst out last year with their self-titled debut album. Amazingly for a new band, the disc rocketed onto Billboard’s 2010 Year-End Top 10 Reggae Chart, was honored as iTunes’ Reggae Album of the Year, won Best Reggae Album at Hawaii’s 2011 Na Hoku Hanohano Awards, and has sold over 20,000 copies. Now the promise of The Green’s youth-infused roots reggae revival is set to be fulfilled with their sophomore disc, Ways & Means, scheduled for an October 25, 2011 release on Easy Star Records, the pioneering indie reggae label. The startling speed with which the band has built up its strong and loyal following can only accelerate from here.
Saturday November 05 – Heaven • 7:00 PM • $16.00
Saves The Day & Bayside
I am the Avalanche, Transit
Life has its share of ups and downs and no one knows that better than Saves The Day frontman Chris Conley. For the past seventeen years Conley has been bearing his soul and reinventing his musical identity with each successive step, a process that is clearly culminating with Saves The Days seventh full-length Daybreak. The third part of a trilogy that also includes 2006’s Sound The Alarm and 2007’…s Under The Boards, the act’s latest disc sees Conley moving past the anger and frustration that has defined the band’s last two albums and rediscovering a sense of wonder with the world that he can’t wait to share with his listeners. Bayside lead singer/rhythm guitarist and founding member Anthony Raneri has been waiting 10 years—since he formed the rock group in Queens, N.Y. in the winter of 2000—to make an album like Killing Time, which represents a number of firsts for the band named after his hometown.On Killing Time, that dream becomes reality. “We’re all just excited about the possibilities of what the next year holds for us,” concludes Jack. “We’ve always approached our career with a cautious optimism. We hope for the best, but we’re OK with whatever happens. We roll with the punches…but this time it all seems so much more tangible.”
Sunday November 06 – Heaven • 7:30 PM • $27.00 (THE BACKSTAGE BEAT will be at this show)
Masquerade & Household Present:
Nero are drum and bass and dubstep producers from the United Kingdom. Also known as NERO UK, they first joined formation Records in the summer of 2004. Over the last couple of years Dan and Joe’s tracks have been causing quite a stir in the drum and bass scene, gaining huge airplay support from top radio DJs such as Zane Lowe, Jo Whiley, Steve Lamacq, Pete Tong, Rob Da Bank and frequently from Fabio & Grooverider (all from radio one) as well as Hype on Kiss FM. In 2008, Nero launched themselves into the dubstep scene, making a good impression on the scene. According to the Me and You Songfacts, Nero have remixed the likes of La Roux, Daft Punk and Deadmau5 and won the 2010 Beatport’s Best Dubstep Act. Their cut, “Act Like You Know It ,” also won Beatport’s Best Dubstep Track. Alana Watson provides vocals on many of the duo’s songs.
Sunday November 06 – Purgatory • 7:00 PM • $8.00
Kevin Seconds & David Dondero
Austin Archer
Kevin Seconds is a singer/songwriter/musician, born in Sacramento. As a teen, he moved with his family to Reno, Nevada where he lived until 1988 when he relocated back to Sacramento and has been based ever since. He founded the highly influential hardcore punk band 7 Seconds in 1979 with his brother Steve Youth. Having been their frontman from the start, he also writes their lyrics. The band signed to the Better Youth Organization label in late 1983. BYO put out 7 Seconds first record, The Crew. Since its formation, 7 Seconds has released over 15 records as well as touring North America, Europe and Japan multiple times. David Dondero (born June 24, 1969 in Duluth, Minnesota, United States) is an American songwriter, guitarist, former lead singer of the band Sunbrain. In 2006, NPR’s All Songs Considered named David one of the “best living songwriters” alongside Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney and Tom Waits.
Sunday November 06 – Hell • 7:00 PM • $15.00
Immortal Technique
Killer Mike
Felipe Andres Coronel (born February 19, 1978), better known by the stage name Immortal Technique, is an American rapper of Afro-Peruvian descent as well as an urban activist. He was born in Lima, Peru and raised in Harlem, New York. Most of his lyrics focus on controversial issues in global politics. The views expressed in his lyrics are largely commentary on issues such as class struggle, poverty, religion, government and institutional racism. Immortal Technique has voiced a desire to retain control over his production, and has stated in his music that record companies, not artists themselves, profit the most from mass production and marketing of music. He claimed in an interview to have sold close to 200,000 copies of his three official releases.