Three Blind Wolves, hear how they rock, hear how they rock…….And that’s exactly what I did last Friday November 4th in Purgatory at the Masquerade. Three Blind Wolves have enjoyed success selling out shows in their homeland of Scotland and are now gifting us with their first U.S. tour. The band released their first mini album this past March titled  Sound of the Storm on Communion Records. It has been well received and I believe that, judging from the impressive size crowd that sang along with the band.

The show started off with some heavyish guitar that leaned on the moody shoe gaze side then surprised me by taking a jaunty, country twist. The sound transformed into a jangled flowery bouquet of sound accompanied by  the sweet honest voice of Glaswegian, Ross Clark. The band engaged the crowd whose heads where bopping and feet were stomping early into the set. The music was thoughtful and contemplative  but kept the room dancing even when the subject matter went from happy to heart-break. The song Emily Rose was met with cheers and whoots and the set was ended by a song called Sex Is For Losers in which a voice from the back of the room replied,”F*ck Yeah!”

The music of Three Blind Wolves is easy on the ears melodically but pleasantly complicated lyrically. It’s a sound that combines a unique mix of European country and American blues. If you missed this past show, the band is scheduled to play at the Star Bar November 17th.