It’s Thursday night in Atlanta.  I took my pal Kirsten with me to see what was sure to be a great comedy show. Bobcat Goldthwait is on the road performing. Having talked to him last week, I knew he would be funny.  We had such a great time talking and while that conversation was going on,  I informed him that The Laughing Skull Lounge was one of the best in Atlanta.

You see, I had just seen Dave Foley there about three weeks prior and the crowd was amazing.  They were all young, well-educated, fun-loving people and it made for a great show.  I was sure Bobcat  would love the crowd and the show was bound to be a hit.

Flash forward to Thursday night….  I arrive, say hello to the great staff at The Laughing Skull and grab a seat.  We noticed some older people coming in and sitting in the front VIP tables.  They were clearly intoxicated and celebrating a birthday party.  I thought to myself, “Wonder why they are here… they don’t seem like they would enjoy this show. Well, Bobcat has been in the spotlight since the 80’s really, so maybe they are just old fans”…..

The next red flag that went up was another intoxicated couple that decided to sit right next to me.  Don’t get me wrong, they were sweet.  The girl even referred to me as her “new bff” and offered me some of her very strong drink, from her own straw!  I know, very thoughtful right?  Yea, so moving on… I was nervous and not quite sure how the show would go.

The host was a beautiful lady named Dulce.  She was clearly funny, but I could tell the crowd was not giving her what she needed to take the routine all the way, so to speak.  As she introduced the next three standup comics, sadly the same was true for them.  They were funny, and witty but the crowd sort of absorbed that and it was rather awkward feeling.

Especially the first comic, who came right out and proceeded to make a joke about a dead baby. Dying of SIDS… having the best day of his life…. Yes, it was rough and having just suffered a miscarriage at 13 weeks along, I somehow couldn’t find the humor in it.  I am sure he is funny but last night just wasn’t the night.

When Bobcat came out, he looked happy to be there.  He was filled with energy and was off to a pretty decent start.  That all changed about ten minutes into the show when the crowd I mentioned early, the older drunk birthday people, began to heckle.  Not all of them, really just one guy in particular.  This immediately set Bobcat off on a good fifteen minute spill completely destroying this man and the other “rednecks” in the audience.

I was so shocked that man and the lady sitting next me would continue to talk throughout the whole show. I felt awful for Bobcat and more awful for the rest of the crowd, who were clearly fans and there to enjoy the show.

Bobcat moved past the blatantly rude drunks and made the show fantastic.  I was impressed! Once it was over, I went backstage to see him. I immediately apologized to him for telling him how great the crowd would be. I would take NO responsibility for that cluster cuss of people.  He was sweet and kind.  I knew that wouldn’t phase him at all and he would be back the next night to a better crowd (hopefully).

The lesson I learned from this night of comedy is simple.  If you are going to a show to enjoy the comedian and the performance, do not try to be a part of that performance. Sit back and enjoy.  Not only do you look like a fool, you ruin it for others.  Also, if you are going out to get wasted and celebrate a birthday, heckling a professional comedian might not be the thing to do.  They do bite back ladies and gentleman.

Hats off to the staff at the Laughing Skull for working so hard and the Bobcat for enduring an awkward, stressful and funny time.

Go check out the show while he is here in Atlanta through Sunday and prove to him that Atlanta is more than drunks and rednecks! Plus you will have some laughs whether they are at Bobcat’s or at someone else’s expense.

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