Tonight Georgia’s own Colt Ford is ringing in the new year and from what he tells us, its going to be a good time!

Listen here as he talks about what it means to him to celebrate in Atlanta this year:


The club, located at 2075 Market Street, hosts “the biggest New Year’s Eve bash in the ATL” on Sat., Dec. 31.  The event features Kevin Fowler and Colt Ford, in addition to party favors like hats, horns and other noisemakers and a balloon drop. The party begins at 7:30 p.m., with a free champagne toast at midnight.  Tickets prices are $25 for general admission, $40 for a seat at a table, $75 for side stage mezzanine seating and $125 for side stage theatre seats.

After a party DJ gets the room rocking, Kevin Fowler opens up the New Year’s Eve concert.  Self-described “country with a bad attitude…country with an edge…just beer-drinkin’, hell-raisin’, good-time music,” Fowler offers up a blend of in-your-face rockin’ intensity, tongue-in-cheek humor and captivating country storytelling.  Whether it’s to “Beer, Bait and Ammo,” “Cheaper to Keep Her,” “The Best Mistake I Ever Made,” “Don’t Touch My Willie” or any of the other unforgettable tunes that have seen him regularly perched atop the Texas music charts, party revelers will have their fair share of fun singing along with Fowler.

According to Wild Bill’s General Manager Tom Siliven, “Our New Year’s Eve event is an excellent value for the amount of entertainment it contains.  For just $25, you can enjoy live music, free bubbly and more.  Most places increase their prices on New Year’s Eve, but we didn’t want to do that.  We wanted to offer the best entertainment at the best price in the best venue in the city!”