There is something about the aura of mystery that surrounds Dwight Yoakam that has always been attractive…… there was no mystery Saturday night at Wild Bills. Dwight Yoakam still has his allure onstage!

This Multi-Platinum, Grammy Award Winning, Producer, Actor, Director, and Entrepreneur continues to impress his fans.  I saw him back in the 90’s at Chastain Park and still remember what those “poured on jeans” and “big-tilted so you can’t see his eyes” cowboy hat looked like  up on stage. The Dwight we knew and loved is still around! Chances are if you have a favorite album of Dwight’s, he played at least one song off of it. Everything from “Honky Tonk Man” off of the “Guitars, Cadillacs, Etc, Etc” album to “Thousand Miles from Nowhere” from his “This Time” album – Wild Bills was a great venue for his fans. If you didn’t have a good view, all you had to do was move….and what Dwight couldn’t see, that he probably would have liked, is all the people doing the two-step to his music in the back of the dance floor. I loved how he played “Guitars and Cadillacs” and then went straight into “Fast as You”.  It’s not just Dwight that is incredibly talented, it’s his entire band – Dwight continues to surround himself with  incredible talent.  Can’t wait to hear his new music he has coming out. The seven year wait will soon be over with the release of his new album in early 2012. Whether it’s the mystery of him or the fact that he can flat out rock a song, Dwight Yoakam always leaves us wanting more……and he has again.