‘Twas the night before Sunday
And all through the show
Not a creature was stirring
We were ready to go!

Big Mike was dressed in a suit of all white
The crowd was electric – it was going to be a fun night!
He took to the stage with a wink and a smile
The man knew how to work it – he had incredible style!

His band was on fire, as they always are
I’d be hard pressed to pick just one star!

There were Santas, an elf, showgirls galore
An abominable snowman, children, and more!

He sang all the classics, both old and new
Songs about reindeer, chestnuts, and a Christmas that was blue.
Whiskey Gentry came on stage to sing and play with Big Mike
I’d never heard them before, but their sound I did like!
Another young woman joined him for the Pogues Christmas song
It was definitely naughty and deliciously wrong!

Santa came out with a sweater that Big Mike did don.
He gathered the kids close and sang The Charlie Brown Christmas song.
The showgirls continued to dance, kick, and twirl.
They were definitely a treat for every good boy and girl!

The Grinch showed up in a furry green coat
(Psst…if you ask me, that’s one of the best that Dr. Seuss ever wrote!)
The night continued on, full of Christmas cheer
None of us even minded paying 6 bucks for a stinkin’ beer!

There was laughter, joy, and goodwill all around.
The Kingsized Christmas Jubilee was the best show in town!
We all had a blast, of that you can be certain
We didn’t want them to close that big velvet curtain.

I adore Big Mike and his group. I’m still absolutely smitten.
The night was perfect – better than anything Dickens could’ve written!

Photos by Karla Hill