Do you remember being a wee lad or lass and settling in front of the TV every night of December to watch such Holiday classics as Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Santa Claus Is Coming to Town, He Man And She Ra Christmas Special, Nestor the Long Eared Donkey, Elmo Saves Christmas? Of course you do! But now that you’re a grown up it’s time to come see Atlanta’s favorite movie mockery show, Cineprov! shine the light of silliness on all of these “classics”  It’s the fifth annual Cineprov: Ruining Childhood Memories Shows. Due to popular demand over the years we’ve added a second week of shows so you have two chances to be traumatized!

Dec 9th and 16th are the dates for this year at Relapse Theater with 8 pm showtimes both nights. These are traditionally our longest and filthiest shows of the year and are not to be missed. All tickets are $10.00 or $5.00 for students. Visit for more info and to make reservations.


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