Slash (former guitarist for Guns n Roses) has released another album this year. It’s a live album called Made in Stoke. Personally I am not a fan a live albums. Many times live albums are recorded poorly and just sound awful. On the other hand, Slash is one of my favorite rock guitar players. I mean I would have done anything for a gibson sunburst when I was a kid. Thus, being a fan of Slash, I gave his live album a spin, and was quite surprised.

First off the production on Made in Stoke is quite good. It isn’t muddy like many live albums. I can hear all the instruments and the crowd cheering. The album covers songs from GnR, Slash’s Snakepit, Velvet Revolver, and Slash’s own self-titled release. All of which sound great in the “raw” live sense. Slash’s guitar tone, and his awesome guitar solo’s come thru loud and clear.

Myles Kennedy (Atlerbridge) sings on the album, and he does a great job. Axl Rose has so many die hard fans, but I think they will be happy with Myles. The test for me was Rocket Queen. Rocket Queen is a sultry song off the GnR Album Appetite for Destruction. It’s a perfect test to me because of it’s high and low notes. None the less, I was quite impressed. Myles did a great job. Hopefully, we will see more of him!!

Thus, no one can deny the awesome guitar playing by Slash on his newest album. Plus, the production is great, and Myles Kennedy does a great job singing. This is a must have for Slash fans. Expect moments of spontaneous air guitar!!