Attending The 1940’s Radio Hour at the Theater in the Square, Marietta, GA, is magical. Oh, for the time when life was simpler, less complicated, not hectic and hurried. Here is a chance to step back into time and see how things use to be. If you went through the 1940’s, it will certainly bring back some memories; if you didn’t, you’ll catch a glimpse, a snapshot of simpler days gone by.

Many young people today don’t have a clue who Howdy Doody was or Captain Kangaroo. In fact, many kids don’t understand that even 30 years ago everyone didn’t have cell phones let alone ipads or any other means of instant communication. In fact, radio was the main national communication tool and main entertainment for my parents and grandparents. I still remember listening to Ma Perkins over the radio with my grandmother I was when I was very young. In my early years in elementary school TV’s became prominent, but they weren’t the big screen plasmas or flat screens we have today—they were very small; but if you had one, you were indeed very fortunate. The times have changed indeed.

You can’t go back in time, but you can certainly enjoy a wonderful play and catch a glimpse of how life was back in 1940! Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a step back in time where you will laugh, relax, and simply enjoy life. You’ll want to take it in each year because some things are just worth repeating.

(All performances of The 1940’s Radio Hour will take place at Southern Polytechnic State University – Joe Mack Wilson Student Center. )

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