On December 9th, The Devil Wears Prada performed at the Masquerade on the Dead Throne tour. Heaven, the upstairs stage of the Masquerade, was packed with a younger crowd and it was insanely hot. I felt like I was standing in a sauna at the gym! Nonetheless, fans were excited to see TDWP.

The lights went down, and I had positioned myself in the photo pit. TDWP hit the stage and suddenly the crowd cheered. They didn’t just go “yay TDWP”, they screamed like they were at a Beatles concert. One girl screamed so loud she hurt my ears, and I was wearing earplugs! The band went right into the title track from their new album, “Dead Throne”.

The first half of their set was new material. The second half of the set was comprised of songs from their previous albums. The TDWP fans liked the new stuff, but knew the older songs better. This was evident when they started to sign along to some of the older songs. The photo pit shook as the crowd pushed against it, and the band ignited the stage with energy. I turned my head to look behind me for crowd surfers, and everyone had a smile on their face. TDWP performance was great.

The only thing I didn’t like about the show was the singer’s clothes. The singer for TDWP was dressed in the lamest hipster-thrift-store-shopping-faux-retro outfit this side of a recent Bank Of America commercial.  All that was missing was the corduroy smoking jacket and the ironic pipe.  I may sound harsh here, but I think he could do better. Other than that, great show, and awesome energy on stage.

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