‘Tis the season to add to your already mad rush of December activities – house decorating , tree trimming, dinner clubs, caroling, carousing, parties – and sharing the holiday merriment and spirit with others. Oh… you haven’t gotten to that last one yet, have you? It’s ok, don’t fret because you still have time AND I’ve found a group of merry elves who have a simple plan for you! From December 1st through December 25th, the founders and owners of White Flame Studios, Chance White and Heather Fodor, have created Random Acts of Christmas Kindness or “RACK” for short to help spread some holiday cheer and lend helping hands (or a little bit of cash) to those in need. With a video explanation, custom postcards, a website, and Facebook fan page, the merry elves are working hard to get people in the holiday spirit and be social at the same time.

How does it work?
When you “RACK” someone, you leave a postcard letting them know that they have received a Random Acts of Christmas Kindness and it tells that person where they can go to share their experience or join in on the holiday fun. The RACK’d website further details ways in which you can help those in need – whether buying or donating Christmas decorations to a needy Craigslist poster family or picking up unwanted items to donate to others or even paying another person’s bill or toll road fee or tipping your server a few extra dollars – you are sure to brighten someone’s cold, wintry day when you RACK ‘em! Free RACK’d postcards can be found and printed from the Random Acts of Christmas Kindness website. When you are ready to get in on the RACK’d game, you can email [email protected] to share your tips or ideas, thoughts, stories, and/or photos. You can also post or share this same info on their Facebook fan page or on their website. There is no cost to join and you will remain a completely anonymous elf unless you choose to identify yourself otherwise. Also, no matter what city or state you live in, you are welcome to come participate in RACK and share the Christmas cheer. So, please spare a moment and help RACK someone today!

Watch the super cute RACK’d informational video:


Random Acts of Kindness

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