Ringing in the New Year is typically filled with letting oneself go completely out there with drinks and bad decisions at either a bar or a friend’s party, but every now and then a great show will be lined up for New Year’s Eve and that’s exactly what occurred on this one. Against Me! decided that for the turn over into 2012 they were going to play a special show in Atlanta at The Masquerade, and I can say I am very glad they did because there couldn’t have been a better way to start the New Year.

No matter what, you can always be sure to not be let down at an Against Me! show, their performance and presence is always amazing and when I found out they were not only playing New Year’s Eve, but were going to be playing until 1 in the morning you could say I was ecstatic.

Unfortunately due to a miscommunication on start time of the show, I missed the first two bands, but luckily I was able to make it just in time to see the whole set for Fake Problems, the direct support to Against Me!. To say the least Fake Problems is a band you need to see, their blend of New Wave, Punk, Indie and Americana works beautifully and they have a great energy that flows straight from them into the crowd.

The stage was vacant for about 45 minutes after Fake Problems left the stage and then, right at 11:30, the lights dimmed and Against Me! strolled out onto the stage. They tore into their set with a non-stop ferocity from ‘White Crosses’ to ‘Don’t Lose Touch’, practically covering majority of their discography and even managing to throw in a cover of The Clash’s ‘Janie Jones’ that was pretty spot on. 2012 was welcomed into existence with champagne and a new song from mastermind of Against Me! Tom Gabel that showed nothing is changing in the year to come, which I would find to be welcomed by their fans. They played on for another hour after the stroke of midnight, with what might have been a 5 minute stop at most, but each moment spent on stage was harsher than the last and gave the crowd enough momentum to make the floor in Heaven bow and shake more than I ever thought it could, but even if it did collapse beneath us, I doubt anyone would have cared due to all focus being in another realm of amazement.

End all be all of it, best New Year’s celebration ever. Plain and simple.